Class C Subnet Mask

A Class C Subnet Mask is a visible subdivision of the IP network into the host address and network address. This practice of separating the Class C IP into two or multiple networks is called subnetting Class C IP. In other words, all the computers belong to a particular subnet mask class with an identical, common as well as much important bit-group in their respective C Class IP address. This consequently results in the congruent division of a C Class IP address into dual fields, routing or a network prefix, while the other is the host identifier or rest field. Here the rest field works as an identifier for a particular network interface or host.

Here a subnet mask Class C IP has a 32-bit number that completely masks an IP address, it also divides the C Class IP address into host address and network address. It is done by setting the entire network bits to “1” and the host bits to “0.” Within a granted network, dual host addresses are kept reserved for distinguished purpose. The “0” address is accredited a network address as well as “255” is accredited to an address for broadcast, and they can’t be accredited to a particular host. Now the procedure of IP subnet masks an IP network to separate a huge network into tiny multiple networks for security and reorganization purposes.

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All the hosts or nodes in a C Class IP subnetwork witness all the packets transmitted by any host within a network. Load of heavy traffic causes retransmissions and collisions that affect the performance of a network but Class C Subnet mask helps in distributing the load to various divisions. Even then, the benefits of subnet mask address vary from one deployment scenario to another. It is very important to provide efficient address space in the large organizations and the address assigning architecture of the web by using CIDR or Classless Inter Domain Routing. It also enhances the overall routing process efficiencies while the advantages of adequate network management by various entities in a huge organization is convenient.

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