What is C Class IP Address?

This is the most appropriate question in the context of SEO hosting, which is directly related to the successful performance of your website over the internet. This is also of utmost importance to an Internet Protocol as a very specific segment of it. The job of C Class IP block or segment is to manage the precise location of a system that is within the network in the realm of internet. Thus for the SEO web hosting it is the most cogent components to look after for, in order to get higher ranks for the revenue generating websites.

C Class IP Address is the third part or segment of any IP Address, for instance;

The Ips are same with the C Class while A and B Class IPs are also the same. The important fact that is to be noted here is that the A and B Class IPs are capacious as well as very expensive to be opted by an SEO firm. Hence the SEO hosting commences over the reliable and affordable set of C Class IP segment of an IP Address. These C Class IP Addresses ensure that every website is settled at different location from one another on a same server while back links connect them without violating any search engine terms and conditions.

Now you must be thinking, what is the significance of C Class IP Address in hosting or SEO hosting? Well, when your multiple websites are hosted through a common C Class IP, these websites may be having different domain names but since they have a common C Class IP, they will be caught by the search engine bots for violating the terms and conditions of ethical web hosting practice over the Internet.

To overcome this kind of stiff rules that are laid by the search engines for their search spiders or bots, the SEO hosting firm offers a particular set of C Class IP Addresses that come from a varied range of C Class IPs, which a webmaster can utilize to host his multiple website across the Internet with their own name servers and rDNS. In this way, everything remains simple yet very advanced in terms of the precision procedures that fetch the best results from an excellently performing website.

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